Pounding the Pavement

Been out and about, knocking on doors and talking with Hatters about the issues that matter to them. I don’t want to ruin your day with too many pictures of me, but if you have any issues you think need to be discussed, I want to hear from you!


I’ve had a lot of requests for my resume. I’ve added it to the menu above, but you can also [click here] to download it.

Let me know if you have any questions! Always ready to discuss where we can go together as a community.

I attended the CORE Association’s AGM this evening. I proudly support my community and have helped with executive coaching to enhance leadership skills. Building connections and helping others.

Meet and Greet

The last few days getting to talk to more people has been fantastic. Thank you to Medicine Hat Villa and Big Marple Farms for your hospitality. I’m planning a meet and greet, socially distanced at B.A.T.U.S. park, this Friday at noon. Look forward to seeing you there!

We want to hear from You!

How is everyone doing? Can’t wait to have more conversations with you. We have been getting things set up and information put together. A few of the signs are up and interviews were done this week. Thank you for reaching out with your questions, ideas and thoughts. Please keep doing so as we stay connected.

Conversation is an important part of all relationships like the relationship you have with your city. Let’s start a conversation… How can your voice be heard better by city hall? Would love to hear your thoughts views and ideas.

Head over to my Facebook page, ask a question, provide your ideas! https://www.facebook.com/AndyMcGrogan

Out and About in the Community

Guess who is out and about today? Leave a comment below with your address if you would like a sign or private message the page if you don’t want to share your address below. We will do our best to get signs out over the next week or so. Thank you for your support

Lawn Signs!

Picked my signs up yesterday and they are not the right colour or design but the info is right! First sign up on Rita Bessant’s yard, so thankful that she is leading my campaign efforts!

Hello world!

Thank you all for the kind words and support on day 1 of the campaign. I was interviewed by TIffany from CHAT and Collin from the News today so please tune in if you want to hear how I feel about some very important topics! I want to ensure that everyone is aware that I am self funding and am not accepting campaign donations so if you wanted to donate give the money you would have given me to a charity of your choice! Thank you all again!